Social Media
We offer services such as branding, graphic design, and content marketing.
Social media branding:
Development of consistent visual language
Social media maintenance:
Photo and video content for SMM
Animated posts
Social Media
Social media branding
What comes out?
In two options, a comparable visual and informative picture of your company in social media: logo, post design, menu, etc.
What's in?
Icons, fonts, color schemes, highlights icons, images designed for Instagram feed and Facebook Stories, targeted ads, and banner design for Facebook and Vkontakte.
Added in:
All source materials in png format in one file (if necessary), along with brand style guidelines
Approximately 4 to 10 working days, including amendments.
Social media
British Higher School of Art & Design
A style of content created for the British Higher School of Art and Design's targeted advertising.
Targeted ad content
Mirum mel
Branding for the brand of natural honey — Mirum Mel
A creative adverts designed for the Faculty of Business and Marketing at the University of Creative Industries Universal University Ubusiness, Ubusiness.
Instagram creatives from IMBA - "Ingate" - a digital business educational academy.
MSCA School of Contemporary Art's social media ads have been designed by us in a unique way.
Advertisement design
Social media ad
Instagram content
Social media ad and package images
Competence center
Development of Instagram feed templates for a "Competence center" company.
Targeted ad content
Moscow food academy
Target of Instagram from Moscow food academy.
Targeted ad content
Instagram & Facebook content creation and management pack
What are you getting from it?
Proper maintenance of Facebook and Instagram posts on a regular schedule over the whole month
What's in the pack?
35 content specifications for feed, targeted AD, and instastories projects
Added in:
Multiple images in 1 post, but not more that 7 pieces in one post.
For stories, posts, and feeds, different sizes versions of one image are included.
SMM: "strategy"pack
What are you getting from it?
We build the promotion mechanisms based on a deep examination of your product and segmenting the audience, its values, and consumer insights
What's in the pack?
A strategy for content
Added in:
Specialist recommendations for all tasks: copywriters, designers, targetologists, website layout designers, and others on support. If we discover other tools being used by competitors during the analysis, we will include them in the strategy's associated block
Starting from 3-10 workday days (subject to amendments)
More services
We focus on web design, prototyping, front-end and back-end development, and mobile device compatibility
Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Web Designer
Mind Sharks