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We design landing pages, corporate websites, and online shops
Website development
We offer services such as branding, graphic design, and content marketing.
Social media
Creating and shaping your brand's image in the minds of clients
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Кто вы?
Название вашей организации. Ccылки на существующие соц.сети и сайт
Targeted ad content
A style of content created for the British Higher School of Art and Design's targeted advertising
British Higher School of Art & Design
Instagram content
Instagram images from IMBA — "Ingate" — a digital business educational academy
A landing page created for an international venture capital fund Vibranium.vc
Social media ad
MSCA School of Contemporary Art's social media ads have been designed by us in a unique way
Social media ad and package images
Branding for the brand of natural honey — Mirum Mel
Mirum mel
Targeted ad content
Development of Instagram feed templates for a "Competence center" company
Competence center
Our artistic team, that brings your design ideas to reality
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Ekaterina Shakina
Agency Director
Director of PR
and influencers
Maria Dolunay
Graphic designer/ SMM-designer
Katya Voloshina
SMM-designer/ illustrator/ Web-designer
Asya Dilory
Editor/ copywriter
Olya Shakina
Mind Sharks digital
promotion partner
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